Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome to the Fourth Quarter-"the Home Stretch".
We are at the beginning of the final nine weeks for this school year and this quarter will be really busy with academic and activities. Here is a run down of all the great things happening:
April 8-15-Book fair-come out and support our media center and get great books as well
April 9-AR celebration-students who have mety their 3rd quarter goals will have a morning carnival
April 10-Saturday EOG prep academy for 3rd and 5th only-see Mr. Johnson for details
April 13-14-Kindergarten Screening for K students enrolling for next year. Call the office for your appointment
April 14-Report cards are sent home* Please attach two first class stamps to your child's report card envelope and return it to school.
April 17-Saturday EOG prep academy
April 26-K/1 FIELD Day-call Brenda Williams if you can volunteer
April 28-2/3 FIELD day
April 30-4/5 FIELD day
May 3-EOG/promotion parent night-Come out and learn about and ask questions about promotion, EOG testing and your child.
May 6-Young Author's conference-Come out and hear books written and illustrated by your children.
May 14-Spring Fling-Come out and have a great, fun filled evening with staff and students at our annual Spring Fling. Food, games and fun will be there for all.
May 17-May 21-EOG testing for grades 3-5. Students should be rested and on time for school.
June 3-Gibson night at the ballpark-join our students to be recognized at the newly opened WS Dash ballpark.
June 7-Spanish Song festival
June 8-Awards day for K-4 grade students
June 9-5th grade recognition day and reception
June 10-Last day for students

Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5, 2010

We have had quite a snowy couple of weeks with few days in school for students. The Make up days so far are as follows:
February 15-any absences on this day will be excused and not count against a perfect attendance record.
March 29
June 9
June 10
That's not counting any future snow days. Please go to to see all of the make up dates for this school year.
The challenge many familes face when students are out of school is certainly understandable, but I am sure you would agree the safety of students traveling to and from school must take priority. The school system has made the right call in each case as we have seen unusually high precipitation lately. Hang in there !

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

"The two worst things a parent can give a young person are money and wheels. The two most important things a parent can give a child are roots and wings."-Hodding Carter from First Days at School by Harry Wong.
As parents and caregivers , we are always responsible for providing for our children the elements for a productive and happy life. A big part of that job is prioritizing the people, places and things that we allow to enter the lives of our children. More often than not, the material gifts are secondary and not nearly as meaningful as the things not easily seen but deeply felt; time, attention and high expectations. Let's all try to remember that memories far outlast material things and time is much more important that technology.

January dates to remember:
4-school resumes
18-NO SCHOOL for MLK holiday
21-Middle school meeting-(5th grade parents only) come out and meet principals of local middle schools to learn more about their programs. (5:00 in media center)
15-22-third through fifth grade quarter testing-make sure kids are on time and rested
25-NO SCHOOL-teacher workday
25-Chic-fil-A night at Chic-fil-A at Hanes Mill Road
28-MCDonald's night at MCDonald's on University.
29-AR celebration for students who have met their AR goals (there is still time-)

If you have a child or know of someone with a child that will be eligible to enroll in Kindergarten in the fall of 2010 (the child must be five by August 31st), please plan to come to register your child for the upcoming year on February 25 and March 1. We will send letters home describing what information will be needed.

ZONE CHOICE 2010-2011
Each year parents are expected to choose which school their child will attend for the next school year. This process is called Zone choice. In mid February, you will receive a letter indicating your child's school assignment for next year. If you would like to learn more about or choose another school in our zone (Old Richmond, Old Town, Rural Hall, and North Hills), you may request a packet. (I sincerely hope, you chose Gibson, of course!). The letter will describe the process and timeline.

Monday, December 28, 2009

January 2010-Happy New Year

Welcome to a brand new year. The next post to the blog will contain important dates and announcements, but for this post, I wanted to include something from an article I ran across recently. The writer wondered what it really took for students to be ready for school and asked around. The results of her survey are compiled in the following list. While the results may not be scientifically verified, I think most of us would agree with her findings. Also, while circumstances we face may cause some things on the list to be more difficult to achieve than others, most things the writer indicates are absolutely free. Staff and parents can work together to provide so many of these items and ensure that each child will be 100% ready for school and life.
The twenty things a student really needs to be ready for school are:

1. A No.2 pencil and a willingness to erase.

2. A healthy respect for themselves and others, especially their teachers.

3. An awareness that the world does not revolve around them and that they alone are responsible for their actions.

4. Parents (or grandparents or caregivers) who teach by example a love for reading, learning and life.

5. An assurance that school is a good, safe place;their teachers will like them; and their parents won't leave town without them.

6. An understanding that school is their "job" and no one else can or will do it for them.

7. A system for exchanging communication between school and home; a backpack for notes that need to be signed; an emergency phone number that always works; a quiet place and a consistent time to do homework; a daily chance to read aloud and be read to.

8. A plan for getting to school on time every morning and back home every afternoon.

9. A pet to care for, clean up after and come home to.
10. A public library card and regular chances to use it.

11. Someone to welcome you them when they come home from school; to laugh at their jokes, answer their questions and listen, really listen to what they say and don't say.

12. The power of knowing how it feels to give anonymously and sacrificially to help someone less fortunate.

13. The encouragement to try new things; the freedom to fail ; and the chance to try again.

14. The gifts of being well fed, well rested, well mannered and well covered for medical, dental and after-school care.

15. The confidence to know how to deal with bullies(stand up straight, look them in the eye, don't start a fight, but don't back down); how to ask questions (raise your hand and wait to be called on); and to never, ever stop asking questions, especially "why?"

16. To feel they're the best (or almost best or pretty good at least) at something; and it's OK not to be good at everything.

17. To spend more time with humans and less time with machines

18. To have nothing to do once in a while but to look at clouds or make up songs or daydream.

19. More than anything else, they need someone to love them unconditionally, no matter what, regardless of their grades; someone to beam at them; someone to light up whenever they walk into the room.

20. Finally, they need to know that school won't last forever(despite how it may seem) but learning is a lifelong process.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The latest news for NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER
It has been a while since the last post to your blog. I would like to highlight so many wonderful things that have been happening at school.
Our fundraiser was a great success and The PTA is able to help support our program.
Mr. Martinez and the ESL department had parents volunteers to sponsor our second annual Hispanic food tasting festival. Students sampled many dishes native to Hispanic culture. Everything was great and the students really enjoyed the food. We are always looking for ways to teach students they are part of a bigger world.
Upcoming events-
Skate Night-November 30
Holiday Musical program featuring our fifth grades-Dec 11-6:30
Mother/Son and Father/Daughter holiday social-December 17-6-8:30. (The PTA is looking for volunteers.) Students attending must be current students of Gibson. Parents and grandparents and other significant adults are welcome to attend. Advance ticket sales are available.
Science fair projects due by all fifth grade students this Tuesday, December 1. This project is a major part of Science grade in the second quarter.
Students in grades K-2 will take experience a science carnival-this is an interactive way to learn about science with rotating stations and special guest presentations.
This season is all about giving and as a school we are committed to helping model for students the importance of sharing with others. Upcoming information will indicate ways families in need can get assistance.
We also have a video library with materials parents can check out that are topics of interest-helping with homework, building self confidence and having conferences are a few of the topics.
Please contact the principal for more information.
We will also sponsor a parent "make it-take it " session and workshop to give you as parents some ideas to help your students. Mr. Leak, our Title parent coordinator, will give more information.
Mr. Walter Funderburk, our home school coordinator, has been home recuperating from illness and we hope he will return soon. I know he has been in contact over the years with many of you and Mr. Leak will help in that capacity as well.
Finally, Let me take this time to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday season. We wish you love, joy and peace for you and yours.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

This week is full of special activities and events.
October 20, 21 and 22 are our end of quarter testing days. Students in grades 3-5 will be taking multiple choice tests that will review how well they mastered skills from the first quarter. The results will not be available until after the fall break. The grades are not used for report cards but rather to give teachers some insight to skills students may need for extra review. Please have students at school on time in order to complete testing in a timely manner.
Report cards will be sent home on November 10.
NO SCHOOL NOVEMBER 11 (Veteran's Day)
More information to come !

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thank you for all of your support of our fall fundraiser. The PTA is very optimistic and appreciative of everyone's efforts. The fundraiser items and prizes will be back in mid-November. We will send out information to remind everyone as the dates grow closer.

New grading scale-The WSFCS district has adopted a uniform grading scale for students in grades 3-5. For third graders, it is the first time many have letter grades to identify progress. For other students and families, this scale may be very different than what you have seen in the past. The grading scale is:

92-85= B
84-77= C
76-70= D
69 and below =F

WSFCS policy states that teachers use a variety of measures to determine grades, not just numerical scores. Averaging grades is not the sole determiner of a child's grade. Teachers shared with parents on Curriculum night the percentages different activities count toward a final grade. (ex. tests=30%, participation=20%, projects=20%, quizzes=20%, homework=10%). I have stated examples, please check with your child's teacher to get an accurate description. This policy applies to 3-5 grade only. K-2 teachers will continue to use their grading process for students in those grades.

Today our 5th grade students participated in their annual egg drop contest. Students were to design the best way or device in which an egg could be dropped from a particular height and not break. The students had many creative tries and some eggs "survived" the fall. Great job, 5th graders.

Thursday, October 8 will be our ESL night starting at 5:30. All Parents are invited to come out and learn about our English as a second language program. Refreshments will be served.

Please give to our Triad Flight of Honor donation jar in the lobby. We would like to give a donation in honor of Mr. Julian Gibson, a WWII veteran and the namesake of our school.

Websites your child may enjoy- Prek-2nd grade K-5th grades-lots of links to other sites and activities

Have a great weekend and feel free to leave a comment.

PS-SAD NEWS-Shanta Staggers, the father of two Gibson students, passed away unexpectedly over the weekend. Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.